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"Jason Bouwman has crafted something remarkable here, packaging ‘insightful and challenging’ with ‘accessible and creative.’ I absolutely love it!"
Jon Dykstra  ‐  Editor, Reformed Perspective magazine

188 pages. 95 thought provoking illustrations. One unique book.

Just Thinking Book

"This book is a collection of quotes, thoughts, doodles and diagrams that have resonated with me, challenged me, inspired me and have, in my experience, proven to be true. I’m hoping you’ll find them helpful too."

Jason Bouwman

Jason Bouwman

"Just Thinking is a fun yet thought provoking little book that explores everyday issues in the life of a Christian - the place where orthodoxy meets orthopraxy. I describe it as 2 parts journal, 5 parts devotional, 10 parts sketchbook, 3 parts whiteboard presentation and 100 parts common sense. I doubt you’ll have anything quite like it on your shelves... or your coffee table."

Jason Bouwman is a perennial creative, endlessly dreaming up new ideas and giving shape to them on white boards, sketchbooks, iPads and napkins if need be. He has an uncanny ability to think and play with ideas, formulate his thoughts and share them in a way that infects all those listening to come along for the ride. His personal philosophy to “live artfully” sits at the heart of Compass Creative - a marketing agency which Jason founded in 2005. He is often found discussing the deeper issues of life around the water cooler.